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Oak's Floor Inc. has been providing floor installations for customers in Virginia for more than a decade. We know the importance of customer satisfaction and believe the work we do will exceed your expectations. Any work you get done through us will be covered with our special warranty of ONE FULL YEAR. If you have a damaged floor or wish to install new flooring, please contact us today for FREE estimate!

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  • Exceptional Attention To Detail
  • Over 12 Years Experience Encompassing All Areas of Flooring
  • Use Cutting Edge Flooring Technologies and Materials
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Family Owned & Operated

Northern Virginia Hardwood Flooring Specialist

If you are in the market for a new home then there is a good chance that you will be looking at some that have hardwood floors. There is even a better chance that your current home has Northern Virginia hardwood floors in it already. Whatever the case may be, if you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors there are definitely some advantages that they have over traditional floorings such as carpet. One of the main things to remember about Northern Virginia hardwood floors is that they are considered to be very desirable. To that end, when you go to sell a house with hardwoods or buy a house with hardwoods you need to keep in mind that they will always be a bit more expensive. The fact that a house has hardwood surfaces makes it more appealing to a large group of people.


Professionl Bathroom Remodeling Services in Northern Virginia

Elevating the bathroom experience to a new level by introducing a Northern Virginia bathroom remodelthat is not just pleasing to the eyes but is also able to give additional comfort to the family is a what we do best at Oak's Floor. If you are interested in updating your bathroom, give our experts a call and see what we can do for you.

Basement Finishing for Your Northern Virginia Home

It certainly makes sense to convert your Northern Virginia basement into some useable living space.  Why let any space in your home go to waste?  As you consider different ideas for your remodeling project, think about things such as what type of flooring you would like to have to complete your finished basement. 

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